Use as emergency home power supply, for RV’s, Camping or on boats.

$249 suggested retail, 40 watt solar panel, 7amp – 12 VDC battery – 500 watt power capacity.

An inexpensive portable device that requires no experience or tools to set up and use.


1- Set the solar panel out in the sun, which charges the battery stored under the solar panel.

2- Remove the battery and bring it indoors where it plugs into a console.

3- The console has 110 VAC outlets and USB ports to power any small home appliance such as a lamp, a computer or a phone charger.

For every two PowerPaks we sell, we will give one PowerPak to a person living in a location with no access to electricity.

Team & Corporate Structure

Power To The World Corporation is incorporated as a for-profit C corp in the state of California.

Ken Tarlow

Director - over 35 years of
business experience as
president of Tarlow Design LLC.
Responsible for the design and
engineering of the product and
now plans to segway into a full
time position to oversee
manufacturing, marketing and
sale of the product.

Jonathan Tyler

Patent Attorney and
visionary who is the
originator of the PowerPak
system. Jon is the sole
investor in the project to

David Tarlow
Financial Director

MBA from Loyola Marymount
University and currently a
VP at JP Morgan Chase, will
oversee the financial side
of the business and when
the business becomes
profitable, has expressed
interest in working full
time for Power To The

Bob Thompson Manufacturing Liaison

10-year working relationship
with China Manufacturers.
Travels regularly to China to
inspect tooling and

David Lieberman
Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultant– 20 years’
experience in launching new
products and creating marketing
strategies for consumer products
both online and in retail outlets

Gail Tarlow Administrative Assistant

20 years’ experience in the
film and TV industry as well
as overseeing special events
for Saks Fifth Avenue San

Michael Bokaie
Director of R + D

Mechanical Engineering and
Business Consultant that has
managed hundreds of aerospace,
deep-sea and defense projects
from inception, through design
and manufacturing.

Matt Gross
Industrial & Visual Designer

Award-winning interdisciplinary
designer with experience bringing
products to life for Bay Area
Startups and Silicon Valley Tech

Contact - Ken Tarlow -
Business plan available upon request.

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